Weslaco High School

Counseling Department

The mission of the Weslaco High School Counseling Department is to empower all students to reach their fullest potential by providing a comprehensive school counseling program to facilitate their academic, career, social, and emotional development.  Collaboration and cooperation between counselors, students, faculty, administrators, parents, and the community will provide a safe and caring environment to assist all students in becoming responsible and productive 21st century learners.

Alfredo Aguilera

Head Counselor

Health Science SLC

(956) 969-6832


Patricia Gonzalez


Media Technology SLC

(956) 969-6830

Liza Juarez


Arts SLC

(956) 969-6828

Eunice Leija


Health Science and Education SLC

(956) 969-6826

Rosana Olivarez


Design and Engineering SLC

(956) 969-6679

Caridad Salinas


Business and Finance SLC


(956) 969-6824


Laura Villarreal


Law and Criminal Justice SLC

(956) 969-6674

Dr. Tom Murphy


College Readiness Specialist

(956) 969-6895


Adriana Cantu


GEAR UP Facilitator


(956) 969-6900 ext. 33428

Christina Rodriguez


GEAR UP Facilitator

(956) 969-6900 ext. 33289

Jose Baron


Migrant Counselor

(956) 969-6691

Elva Rey


Social Worker

(956) 969-6827